6th Open of SUP in Torrevieja: Mediterranean Circuit SUP Race 2018

SUP Race 2018 Torrevieja Surf

Just a couple of days ago we said goodbye to the winter daytime to welcome the summer one. But the season of Mediterranean Circuit SUP Race 2018  (SUP CMS) started 3 weeks ago. And it will accompany us with its 13 stages through all the spring, with a short break in the middle of the summer and then again until the middle of autumn. SUP CMS has become a very important competition for paddle boarding in the Mediterranean area. Its events do not only attract regional athletes, but also professional riders from all over Spain.

The 1st stage of CMS SUP Race 2018 was hosted by República SUP in Alicante on March 4th. This event broke all the records for a first CMS SUP Race stage with its 120 registrations. Also Pepe Oltra Sans - Kundaka Rider and Champion of Spain - participated in this first stage. 

The 2nd stage of CMS SUP Race 2018 will take place on April 22 in Torrevieja and will be organized by our club Torrevieja Surf. Maybe you have realized that this is not a very typical date for us to held this event. This year we have decided to change the custom. Instead of the end of September, as we have done since the first competition that we organized in 2013, we passed it to April. Do the riders in the early stages face the challenge with more energy than at the end of the season? What do you think?

Below you can find all the information about this 2nd event. Keep in mind that the only way to get registered for it is through the Crono4Sports website. There you will also find all the information about the categories, circuits, distances and other relevant data.

Join us as a spectator or as a participant on April 22 at the beach of La Mata! We will wait for you!


Below you can see all the categories. Take note that Sub 8 and Sub 10 are the mixed ones, but starting from Sub 12 all the categories are divided into the feminine and masculine subcategories.

Sub 8 Amateur
Sub 10 Elite 12_6 feet
Sub 12 Elite 14 feet
Sub 14 Elite 14 feet Master 40
Sub 16 Elite 14 feet Kahuna +50
Sub 18  

Routes and distancies

This year's circuits will be the same as last year. There are 3 circuits for all the categories. So if you participated last year, you will not be caught by surprise.

The 400m route:

Sub8 and Sub10: 1 lap





The 1250m route:

Sub12: 1 lap

Sub14 and Sub16: 2 laps




The 3450m route:

Amateurs and Sub18: 2 laps

Elite: 3 laps


General Information:

Date: April 22, 2018

Location: La Mata beach, Torrevieja

8:00 collection of test time control chips and race numbers.

9:00 start

Registration includes: hydration kit, event t-shirt, some snack and exclusive trophies (for the first 3 of each category).

The price of registration varies between 12€ for the categories Sub 10 and Sub 8, and 30€ for Elite and Amateur. For more information please check Crono4Sports.

Event Sponsors and Colaborators

We want to thank our sponsors Rotulos PubliArt, real estate agency Costa Invest, your sport's store Decathlon La Zenia, online paddle boarding magazine Up Suping and also: