The practice of SUP YOGA consists of doing different yoga poses on a SUP board. In our classes we use traditional Hatha Yoga techniques from India.

With this new sport we enjoy the well-known benefits of yoga. In addition, we increase our strength, flexibility, coordination and resistance necessary to maintain the balance on a SUP board. This activity gives us an enormous sense of tranquility and harmony surrounded by nature and wrapped by the sea.

The sessions usually take about an hour (or an hour and a half if you have never done SUP before and need an initiation with the SUP instructor) . We start with a series of stretches and sun salutations to warm the body. Then we continue in the water realizing the classic postures of Hatha. We finished the practice with a little final relaxation lying face up on top of the table in Savasana pose. We let ourselves be carried by the waves of the sea with every breath.

Come and try this unique TSurf experience with our yoga teacher Rosi!


(all equipment included)
Modality Price Duration
1 SUPYoga Lesson + SUP Initiation 35€ 90 min
1 SUPYoga Lesson 20€ 60 min
Pack 2 SUPYoga Lessons 35€ 2 x 60 min
Pack 3 SUPYoga Lessons 50€ 3 x 60 min