is an outdoor activity for the little ones (from 7 to 14 years). It takes place on Saturdays or Sundays in La Mata Beach or T-Surf Club facilities. SURFKIDS is held 3 weekends a month with 2 hours per each session all year round. The total course price is 50€.

  • Increase the student's physical abilities and basic motor skills (flexibility, agility, strength, balance, power, etc.)
  • Improve the physical well-being of the student around the surfing practice as a healthy habit.
  • Learn, perform and integrate basic surfing and SUP maneuvers in regular practice (re-entry, bottom turn, duck dive, SUP in waves, etc.)
  • Become aware of the marine environment as habitat in which we practice our favorite sport.
  • To maintain and clean our coasts, trying to raise awareness of the importance of the conservation of our beaches.


  • Surf lessons: During the Surfing lessons we will learn to use all the basic techniques and maneuvers such as take off, turtle, duck dive, spins ... In addition, we can progress with different boards and measures depending on the skill of the student and their evolution in the learning process.
  • SUP lessons: During the SUP lessons we will do different exercises, not only at the level of play, but also at the competitive level. We will also practice all the different SUP disciplines (race, marathon and waves).


  • Surftraining: Targeted SUP and Surf training (out of the water) in order to improve the experience inside the water and your physical condition..
  • Longboard/Skate: Skate and Longboard classes simulating the movements of surf and waves. In this way we can make the appropriate maneuvers when sliding along the wall of the wave.
  • T-Surf Team: We present you the new competition team of Torrevieja Surf C.D. When the season begins, so do the new competitions of SUP and Surf. We encourage and support all of our students to participate and to enjoy this type of events.
  • Workshops and talks: We offer talks and workshops, previously organized, related to the lifestyle of surfing (creation and arrangement of boards, rescue, cleaning and maintenance of beaches, nutrition, surfing materials,  ...)
  • WSL Analysis: We will use the World Championship and its different events to comment and improve the aspects of our surf and to have a global vision of what is happening in the surfing world.
  • Organised trips: Organize trips to know other surf locations and other natural paradises where you can practice SUP.


(All these activities will be carried out depending on the meteorological conditions and the availability of place and equipment)


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