¿What is SURFING?


Do you check the surf forecast every day? Getting up early is not a problem if there will be a good swell? Do you dream of travelling the world in a van? This is surfing, much more than a sport, a way of living, a way of feeling...


Each wave is a challenge that engage your body 100%. Surfing is one of the most complete sports. It requires all your physical abilities like balance, strength, flexibility ...Improve your surfing wave to wave. Surf more, surf better!


Surfing is accessible to everybody who wants to have a fun time. No matter what your physical condition, age, disability ... In Torrevieja Surf we just want you to have a good time and great memories learning a new sport. Do you dare?

What is SUP?


Everybody from kids to older adults already enjoy the benefits of SUP. Come spend a day with your family and go for a walk along the creeks of our town. Caves, canyons, dolphins ... an endless number of new experiences that you won't be able to forget. 


In addition to having fun, Stand Up Paddle is an exceptional physical exercise to train your balance, power, flexibility ... And what can be better than to practice it in an environment with beautiful fauna and flora. 


Stand Up Paddle is an accessible sport for all types of public, both for those who want more of a relaxed experience and for those who are looking for a good physical training. There are no limitations that could stop you from doing SUP. And if you have doubts, come and ask us!

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¨Don't worry, there are millions of waves out there. Take your time and your wave will come.¨ –Duke Kahanamoku.