We offer the rental of surfboards and SUP, paddles and wetsuits during all the year both in the club facilities and on the beaches where the activity takes place. We always try to make it easier for our students to transport the equipment.

Before the delivery of the material, we briefly explain about its correct usage and comment on the conditions of the sea and the forecasts of the day.

In addition, if you are looking to start in one of these sports on a regular basis, we offer rental bonuses/packs that will allow you to try and enjoy the equipment more economically.


SURF 1 hour - 15€
SURF 2 hours - 20€
SUP 1/2 hour - 10€
SUP 1 hour - 15€
SUP 2 hours - 20€
5 SUP Rental Voucher - 60€
10 SUP Rental Voucher - 100€